Tigre Home Profumo ambiente


Nazareno Gabrielli Home is the new line of air fresheners for the environment, with a unique and captivating design, which makes them an exclusive furnishing element.
They come in five proposals, each with a stylized pack and defined in detail, all in Animalier style. The fragrances, inspired by the most famous and appreciated Italian wines, allow to obtain an unforgettable olfactory experience, arousing pleasant sensations.

Nazareno Gabrielli Home Coccodrillo is inspired by the red wines of croatina, a vine from Northern Italy. The citrus notes of mandarin and bergamot contrast with grapes and red fruits and end with a base of vanilla. The Animalier style pack makes it a unique and captivating product, with a strong and impetuous personality just like the tiger to which it is inspired.


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